Django-Crudbuilder allows you to generate class based views for CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) for specific model


  • Generates class based views for CRUD
  • Uses django-tables2 to display objects in ListView
  • Define multiple crud builders for same model with separate URL
  • Allows custom forms/tables as additional arguments
  • Context provides additional template variables APP_LABEL and MODEL for all CRUD templates
  • Enable/disable login required option for CRUD views
  • Enable/disable permission required option for CRUD views
  • All the generated views/tables/forms/url are extendable.
  • post_create and post_update signals to handle specific actions in Create and Update views
  • Add your own templates for List/Create/Detail/Update/Delete views
  • Separate CREATE and UPDATE forms
  • Define your own custom queryset for list view
  • Inline Formset support for parent child models
  • Default Bootstrap3 CSS
  • All the generated views are extendable.

Requirements and Compatibility

The 0.0.x series currently supports Django >= 1.8.x and corresponding versions of Python also supported by Django (including Python 3). Development of django-crudbuilder follows Django’s Supported Version Policy and testing for older versions of Django/Python will be removed as time marches on.